thinks to do, and stuff

Let’s see. Anything interesting so far this weekend? I called Deirdre yesterday, ’cause it was her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEIRDRE!) and they’d had a v. nice day of going to the zoo and the aquarium. I wrote 2300 words and made bread and edited a little of Sarah’s book, which she has finished (YAY SARAH!) and we went to see Bend It Like Beckham and saw several people we knew at the theatre, which was cool. Came home and watched Stargate (almost done with season 3!) and ate way too much ice cream and finally went to bed *splat*.

Did something similar Friday night, in fact. Except without the too much ice cream.

Wrote 1150ish words so far this morning, and if Ted in fact goes to fencing, I’ll probably do some more writing.

I need to walk the dog.

Thinks to do today:

1. write 1100 words
2. walk Chanti
3. finish the book I’m reading
4. laundry
5. edit some more of Sarah’s book