Thinks to do today:

1. Laundry
2. make bread
3. eat breakfast
4. call dentist
5. call hotel
6. call mortgage broker
7. drink water

Last night I went on a 13 mile bike ride. It rained on me for 11.25 miles of the ride. Hnf.

We watched the next several episodes of Angel, too, I think through episode 14. This season of Angel is *so* much better than the last season (the last two seasons, really) of Buffy that it pisses me off. While Joss hasn’t written many (any?) of these episodes of Angel that I’ve been watching (not that I’ve noticed, anyway), the overall tone of the show suggests to me that he still has his finger in the pie. The fact that in the final episode of Buffy, he managed to pull out so much of the crap they’d done with the last two seasons of Buffy and make it — well. The finale was anti-climactic, but they did a number of things that made me find it an acceptable end to the series, and frankly I wouldn’t have thought that even Joss could pull it out at all, after the last two dismal years. So it pisses me off that the last two years of Buffy were so bad, because apparently Joss still had, and has, it in him to make good TV. Mutter.

I also got my Thor bust. It’s very cool. Hee hee hee!

miles to Mordor: 431.2