Throwback Thursday: Well-Loved Books

A hash tag popped up on Twitter yesterday, #WellLovedBooks, and I immediately went and took pictures of several of mine. I thought they’d make a kind of nice different Throwback Thursday post idea, too, so I present to you a handful of my well-loved books. :)

My 8th birthday prsent: ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, which I read to pieces. <3 well loved books

I love these books so very much. It is so mind-bogglingly cool to me that I can now count Lawrence Watt-Evans among my friends.

I want to re-read these, as they’re some of the very few books that I loved well enough as a teen to hold on to for all these years and through all the moves. Apparently she’s re-released them as e-books!

I may be the only person who’s actually read all five of these. A lot of people over on Twitter had read one or two, but it took a really long time for all of them to come out, and I was unusually determined about them. I want to re-read these, too.

My dog-eared, sweat-stained, beloved BLUE SWORD and HERO AND THE CROWN. I have them in hardcover now, but I’ll never let these two go. Someday I hope to get Robin McKinley to sign them.

My equally beloved SECRET COUNTRY trilogy, which I’ve read more times than I can possibly count. I’d replace these in hardback, too, if I could, because I live in fear of the day they fall apart. And I will get them signed somedaay, dammit!

And my pièce de résistance, the copy of DRAGONSONG I inherited from a cousin, read to bits, brought to Ireland from Alaska in 1993, got signed by the Dragonlady, at Dragonhold, and subsequently retired with honors. ♥


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