thud, kinda

Thud, kinda. Got 850 words written on TQB, feeling sort of uninspired by them, but my brain wasn’t really in a writing mood. They’re good enough for the moment and they mean ch. 4 is underway, which is basically what I was after. It also means I broke 45K, which is something else I wanted to do.

I tell ya, this getting up at 6 thing is killing me. Well, not killing me, but certainly making me want to go to bed at 10pm. OTOH, the 2K a day thing is working really well for me, so, y’know, you makes your choices. I’m not doing 2K *every* day — my ytd daily average is about 1330 for all days and about, um. 1800ish for days of actual writing, I think. So I’m pretty pleased with that. And I’m babbling, because I don’t have a lot to talk about.

Went over to the comic shop and made Christopher blush. *laugh* I guess he does comic book artwork, which Ted told me a week or so ago and I hadn’t seen him since, so today I said, “So I hear you’ve been holding out on me,” and he actually blushed. *laugh* Donno if I’ll hit him up about Chance or not. Once more I wish I were a good enough artist to do it myself.

And, um. Ted cooked dinner because I’m lame, and we watched an episode of Stargate. I didn’t go to UAA to walk. Oh well.

Um, yeah. Okay. Bed now. Night. :)

ytd wordcount: 45,300