thunderbird falls

TB is really starting to come together. Which is good, y’know, what with being 60,000 words into it. But it really is. This morning I was able to work in a bit that’s INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to the story, and I’d been worried about pulling it off for, well, the entire book so far, but Sarah’s idea from last week or whenever it was has given me sufficient clarity that although this INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT bit isn’t directly related to her idea, apparently her idea has given me sufficient confidence with *that* aspect of the story to be able to pull *this* aspect off.

What a long sentence that was.

Anyway, so the words didn’t flow as easily today as they did yesterday, but I’ve gotten through this REALLY IMPORTANT BIT, so I’m extremely pleased. 1136 words for the morning. Perhaps I’ll try for another 400 this afternoon, or, y’know, maybe I won’t worry about it. :)

Let’s see. Thinks to do today:

1. gym
2. work with Chanti
3. call CellularOne
4. call those other people, too

ytd wordcount: 28,250