*tiny squeaking sounds of glee*

I have a collaborative project with my long-term writing partner, SL Gray/. Sarah and I have written (quite literally: I counted once) millions of words together, and this particular project has been in the works for, heavens forfend, well over a decade now. It was originally conceived as a TV show, back when we were both living in California (and before, even) and had dreams of breaking into that industry.

It took us something like a decade to think of presenting it in a different format. Time, tide and … trousers … (o.O) have kept us from really doing much with it. But a while ago we shook the dust off and decided to give it a go as a fiction project. Sarah’s just sent me the second chapter, and I am full of excited squeaks about the idea of getting this story some air time.

I’ll talk more about it as we get our feet more solidly under us, but I can just about guarantee that this will be a Kickstarter project. And I mean, holy crap, people, when we get it going? You’re going to be blown away. We’ve got a fifty page bible for this project which I’m sure will end up as part of the long term reward structure, we’ve got world development out the wazoo, we’ve just got ALL KINDS of good stuff, and I cannot wait to share it with you. Cannot. WAIT.

*squeak squeak squeak*

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