tipping point

I’m aiming for 3K a day writing, but I’ve been doing (thanks to word wars) more like 3500. Which isn’t a lot more, but it adds up to an extra chapter a week, so if I continue with it, that’ll cut an entire week off the writing time for the book. Anyway, I’m almost at the tipping point–I’ve gotten 2/3rds of an extra chapter written so far, and while I probably won’t actually roll over into the sixth chapter until Friday, the fact that I’m on the cusp is sort of squee-inducing. Okay, yes, I’m a writer and writers are weird, but it’s *extremely* satisfying to be looking at an extra chapter a week.

However, the fact that I’m not writing as fast as I used to does mean that 3500 words is pretty much taking up the whole day (with a mid-day break for exercise, which seems to be working well for me). And I’m finding myself extremely reluctant to do not-writing-work in the evenings, so I’m either going to have to sacrifice part of a weekend day to not-writing-work, or schedule my time a little differently, because I have a growing pile of Stuff that needs doing. I don’t even want to make a to-do list, that’s how much there is.

Dinner now, and then Buffy.

ytd wordcount: 96,700
miles to Minas Tirith: 169.5
ytd km swum: 38.2

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