I hate when my to-do list keeps having the same items from day to day. My office is much better than it was, which is to say there are currently 2 empty bookcases and an incredibly large pile of junk that needs to be sorted on the table. Really, that’s an improvement. :/ I really want there to be only one bookcase in there, but since that’s not going to happen (one is full. Of books, even, but there’s nowhere to put what remains and even this massive sort-and-toss thing is not going to get rid of, say, contracts and other Important Paperwork, so that all still needs somewhere to live).

Cleaning has revealed: large stacks of manuscripts, including the original (?) screenplay for Sarah’s & my collaborative project Legion, a signed Methos poster, cover flats (does Harlequin even do those anymore?), 1st sale memorabilia, the contract with the Dabel Brothers for “Take A Chance”, which strangely does not say “Don’t imagine you’ll ever get paid” on it, an otherwise empty-paged notepad that says “It’s about love, death, torture, infinity. It’s a comedy,” in handwriting not my own, 2 X-Men coloring books, a note from high school asking why me & “You-know-who” aren’t getting along (hell if I know), a 2006 @UrsulaV calendar, somebody else’s manuscript, more cover flats, bills, notes for TQB, several pieces of art…it’s like a time capsule!

I’ve declared victory over the first stage of cleaning the office. The stuff that needs sorting has been reduced to 2 large garbage bacs & 1 bookshelf. :) Now everything needs to be rearranged so it’s got better feng shui, or something, but it’s a big improvement.

My exciting life, let me show it to you. :)

– email book bloggers
clear out another few hundred emails from email box
achieve cleanliness in the office
rearrange office so it doesn’t suck
laundry (still not done :p)
write tenencies board letter
– plane tickets
– q’s for david
– put bike and grill on jumbletown

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