tomb raider II

Ted and I went and saw TOMB RAIDER: CRADLE OF LIFE at Bear Tooth tonight. Ted kept insisting it was a 90 minute movie, and I couldn’t believe it could be, because it felt much longer. The longest 90 minutes I’d ever spent, anyway. Turns out it was 117 minutes. Now, ok, it might’ve been a 90 minute movie crammed into 117 minutes, and that might be why it felt long, but it wasn’t /actually/ 90 minutes. Whew. :)

Actually, I generally liked it. Not that I had high expectations, but I liked the first one and I thought this one was probably a better /movie/, at least in terms of story and all. It’s not nearly as video-gamey as the first, and there are no computer-enhanced breasts, for which I’m grateful. (I mean, did you /see/ the first movie? *Ow*!) I hope they do a third. I like Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. :)