toooo eaarrrrly

Tooooo eeaaaarrrrly.

Had a 7am meeting with our Irish clients (it was 4pm their time) and so I got up at 6:15, which wouldn’t have been particularly horrible, except I took a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon and consequently slept really poorly last night. So now I’m like Zombie Lass.

We watched Daredevil on DVD last night. No cut scenes, but there was some cool commentary from many (maybe all) of the artists and writers who’d worked on the comic book. I hadn’t known, but there are at least several lines from the movie which are direct quotes or very nearly direct quotes from the Frank Miller run (“You’re good, baby… but me, I’m magic,” being my favorite–the original line was ‘toots’, not baby) in the 80s. I thought I should go to bed after that, so we didn’t watch any more. ‘course, my time’d’ve been better spent watching more special features than flopping around trying to go to sleep, probably, but oh well.

I feel like I should want breakfast, but man, not hungry yet.