We stopped and got a little (although larger than I expected) greenhouse today, and now the chives and coriander have been transplanted into peat pots and put into the greenhouse. Coriander seedlings smell just like coriander. That would be nicer if I liked it. :) But we sure have a lot of it, and I suspect that more rather than less will survive the transplanting. I’m a little less certain of the chives, but we’ll see. I left the basil and parsley alone because they don’t look anywhere near studly enough to survive a transplant.

We’re off to Dublin for P-Con, come the morning. My schedule is as follows:

10:00 Sat – Room 2 – Fantasy Quests: Why bother?
What makes characters in a fantasy novel want to go on an adventure? Why not just stay at home?

16:00 Sat – Room 2 – High Priests and Priestesses of Love
A panel of self-appointed experts on romantic matters will give advice to the needy (nerdy); during the con, people can anonymously submit their questions on matters of love and romance which the panel can then deal with from an sf viewpoint. Humourous solutions and advice will be the most fertile!

11:00 Sun – Room 1 – Illustrating illustration
A panel/workshop/discussion on illustration, comic book and otherwise. Flip charts available for taking flights of sketchiness.

15:00 Sun – Room 1 – Pictionary
Two teams of guests strive to out-draw their opponents in what has become something of a traditional battle for P-Con.

16:00 Sun – Room 1 – Mutiny on the Phoenix
An open forum panel for guests to recount interesting/amusing incidents experienced in their life as a writer. (Modelled on the pirate hijacking of a panel at Mecon in 2007.)

I’m also going to be doing a “meet the author” session sometime during the weekend, during which time I expect to have copies of my books (but not, sadly, the comics) for people to buy. Er, it’s rather short notice, but if there’s anything anybody’s specifically after leave me a note here and I’ll make sure to keep a copy on hand for you. Oh, and I have the final WALKING DEAD manuscript sitting here. Think I should bring it to auction it off for the con’s fundraiser?

It’s going to be a lovely weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing people.

miles to Minas Tirith: 140.5

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