triumph, of sorts

The past two months have been full of travel and sickness, not necessarily in that order. It has not been conducive to work, so now I’m stressed about that, but the only thing to do is actually get work done, and instead I’ve been trying to get my website a little more functional. I mean, it was functional, but there were some back end problems that had gotten to the point that I felt guilty about it, as I’d been coasting on the good will of friends for a super long time and am afraid I was causing them issues. So hopefully that’s been resolved now. It did not go as smoothly as one might have wished, but it went, and now it’s done. Triumph, of sorts.

Hopefully having dealt with that will leave my mind somewhat clearer for work, although the same could be said for a multitude of other long-delayed tasks that are cluttering up my mind and physical space and allowing me to distract myself from the actual job at hand. I recognize this is partially a case of “cleaning the kitty litter is more fun than working,” and that one way to solve it is to not work at home because there is no kitty litter to clean in a cafe, but of course that comes around to the irritating fact that I have a magnificent workstation at home and surely JUST USING IT shouldn’t be that difficult. And of course my beloved cafe at which I used to write was a victim of the pandemic, and there is no suitable replacement, so I’m suffering in that regard, too. *hand to forehead, etc, etc*

Right. Website dealt with. Off to do the next thing now.