two hours, a thousand bugs

I’m not sure it actually fills me with delight that I was able to complete the two and a half weeks of work I was behind in the last three hours. I also made a loaf of bread and talked to Ted, who got up at 6 to go to work and reboot the fucking server, for 15 minutes.

Those things which I have not completed at work are not completed because they’re dependent on other people also doing their work, most of which was due by last Friday at the latest, and most of which isn’t done, or because the ticket request wasn’t clear enough for me to be able to progress.

Granted, I’ve only gotten one of the nine sites that needs updating done, but those nine aren’t supposed to be updated until the one has been tested and verified, so that I can just port over my changes without incident.

My coworkers won’t be in for at least ten minutes, and possibly as much as 90 minutes.

Maybe I’ll go work on Sarah’s site a bit.

music: Absolutely, Young Dubliners