ucky day!

Ucky day out! I was going to go for a 30 mile bike ride, and I should /still/ go, but man, it’s ucky out! It’s grey and very very windy, although not particularly /cold/, and… well, lazy me. I kept hoping the wind would die down, but it really hasn’t.

I’ve spent most of the day writing, instead. I’ve gotten 8 pages written on the Chance script, and have 6 left, and this fills me with a mixture of delight and panic. 22 pages of comic script is both a Whole Hell Of A Lot, and Not Very Damned Much At All. 6 pages is very much the same sort of thing. :)

Yesterday was very very busy. I didn’t get up til late-ish and then we went shopping, and shopping some more, and then some more, and bought a lawn mower and a bunch of lawn-care stuff and came home and I went on a 15.4 mile bike ride, and, um. Ok, that didn’t sound very busy, but it was, honest!

Oh! And I got spiffy new sunglasses! I sat on mine when Jai and I were out walking (thus ensuring that the sun shone for the rest of the day in Girdwood), and several years ago for my birthday Ted said I could have a pair of real (re: expensive) sunglasses, but we’d never found any I liked, and yesterday I couldn’t find any /cheap/ ones that I liked, and we found a pair of ‘spensive ones, so that was my birthday present, along with the plane ticket to Writer’s Weekend this year. They’ve got sky-blue frames and lenses that slide in and out for different lighting effects. :)

I should at the very, very least, go for a walk, if I’m not going biking, so that I can break 100 miles on my journey to Rivendell.

Maybe tomorrow won’t be so windy…

miles to Mordor: 247.7