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We went into Cork today to find Ted some shoes (apparently this is the Fortnight Of The Shoe) and upon arriving at Patrick Street, discovered trundling toward us. Actually, Ted discovered her, and said, “Hey, isn’t that ? To the left. The left. The *left*,” while I looked all over the place and failed to find her. Turned out she and and their daughter were just about to go have lunch at the self-same restaurant Ted and I were planning to eat at, so we agreed to meet there after she’d done her last errand and went off to get seats.

Only it turned out we were going to Gino’s and they were going to Milano’s, so we turned back around and met up with her again to be directed to Milano’s, ’cause we didn’t know where that was. :) Anyway, so that was a very nice lunch and unexpectedly social. Sammy and Myles’s daughter is quite adorable, and drew her daddy a picture of a flying saucer while we were waiting for pizza to arrive. :)

And we did get Ted some shoes. Same sort I got a few days ago, because I like mine. Whether he likes his that much remains to be seen.

miles to Dunharrow: 98

9 thoughts on “unexpected social activity

  1. It was a lovely surprise. Perhaps we should actually plan a meeting soon, before we get a baby and Ted gets a job and our respective social schedules are all buggered up.

    Glad you got shoes! I hope Ted’s success inspires Myles. He hates shoe shopping but also hates walking round in decomposing footwear.

  2. I want to live somewhere I can run into friends randomly. :T How does one go about moving to Ireland, anyway? ::boggle::

    Really, I just wanted to comment on the new design. It’s *sparkly!* And I like the colors. Is pretty. And Sparkly. And, though I loved the last design, a very nice change. :)

  3. How does one go about moving to Ireland, anyway? ::boggle::

    You pack up everything you own and get on an airplane. It helps to have Irish citizenship, or job skills that are in demand. :)

    Thank you!

  4. We went to Mahers off Grand Parade and bought Spring-Boost or something like that “B-Walk” shoes, which cost €110 and which are funky but cool. If that’s any help to him. :)

    Perhaps…next week? Post-birthday?

  5. I greatly enjoyed our unexpected socialising too, and I’m glad you had the presence of mind to turn around and find once Gino’s and Milanos proved to be different places. Next time we should all try Gino’s, just so it doesn’t feel left out.

    Glad to hear that Ted got shoes. I must take a look there too.

    (deleted and reposted because I’m crap at markup. Silly LJ.)

  6. I listen to a lot of audio books while knitting and spinning and recently started Maria V. Snyder’s Poison Study and Magic Study. The narrator for these books is the same as for your Jo books (Gabra Zackman), and it’s odd to hear what I have previously associated as Jo’s voice telling an entirely different story. I am not sure if this makes me like the “Study” books more or less than I would have otherwise, or if the psychology of voice has any actual affect at all. Just something to ponder.

  7. I bet it does have an effect. I haven’t actually got copies of the audio books, so I haven’t listened to the voice (which would be weird anyway, because while my other characters don’t, Jo sounds like me, to me). Did you know before you started listening that it was the same reader? I’d imagine it’d be harder to accept the same voice for a different story if you didn’t know ahead of time that it was the same reader. Er. If that made sense. :)

  8. No, I didn’t know ahead of time it was the same reader, because I normally don’t pay attention to narration credit unless I just hate a reader.

    But I did stop to look about 5 sentences in, after I thought “Hey! That’s Jo!”
    And then I noticed that the provider credit for both books was Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. so perhaps she is a specific reader for them.

    I am enjoying the books however and while the protagonist doesn’t have as much self-deprecating humor as Jo, she does have almost the same flavor of sarcasm. But then again, that could be the voice and not the book. :)

    It’s funny how the reading can make or break a book for you sometimes. With the David Eddings series, I didn’t make it past the first chapter of the audiobook because the readers didn’t sound like I thought they should, and they were just awful. On the other hand, I would have never have read The Time Traveler’s Wife in text, but as an audiobook, I thought it was great.

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