up again, down again

Once more with the webpage being down. This time…well. They said to go change the name servers with your registrar, and then to wait about a day and a half and then ask them to move the files over to a new server, which I did, except it sort of looks like the DNS change went through faster than is typical. *crossed eyes* Anyway, so I emailed them and said please transfer my site, and so hopefully I’ll be back up sometime today.

In the meantime, writing myself a little blog posting in Word because it’s morning and I can’t get through the day without my blogging, or something. :)

Ch. 7 is turning out to be Entirely New. Not that this is a bad thing, particularly as I’m pretty sure I can use the original ch. 7, just as ch. 8. Or possibly 9. We’ll see how it works out. o.O Anyway, I’m 1800 words into the new chapter 7, and my intention is to finish it tonight. Hopefully it’ll let me segue fairly smoothly into ch. 8/7. I think so, since ch. 8/7 needs beefing up anyway and I think I can make it all work. This is going to be a noticeably longer book when I’m done revising it; I’ve already added 5000 words.

I always feel like it must be terribly, terribly boring for people to read all about my muttery little daily wordcount stuff. Or maybe you all skip that part, I donno. :)

Um. Ooh, Ted made really yummy rockfish for dinner last night. A recipe he learned in class! He was pretty pleased about that, and boy, it was just really good. Yum!

I’m up to 2 miles a day, walking 1 mile in the morning and one in the afternoon. Go me!

Ah, here we go, server’s back up. Yay!

ytd wordcount: 123,700
miles to Rivendell: 385