Okay, I’d better update my webpage before my husband starts complaining that I never tell him what’s going on with my life anymore. :)

Yesterday, I tried to go to lunch with my Mom and an old friend, Sam Perera, who was an exchange student from Sri Lanka at KCHS and whom I re-met in college. Mom came to get me, and we drove to where the directions said to drive.

And the road ended.

So we thought, “Um, well, maybe it’s the other direction.” So we drove the other way and looked around and couldn’t find the street, and eventually we went back to Mom’s so she could call Sam (who didn’t answer the phone, what with presumably being outside waiting for us to pick him up) and we got directions from Mom’s house instead of my house, and we drove to where the directions said to drive.

And the road ended.

At that point Mom brought me home ’cause I had a meeting, and I had a pb&j instead of lunch with Sam. :) It turns out Mom did eventually manage to hook up with Sam, and he sent me a pair of silver and blue teardrop earrings! Which I left in Mom’s car last night after Dad and I went berry picking. Oops. :)

Dad and I got almost a gallon of strawberries last night! Yay! I had the Magic Strawberry Fingers, and found lots of big berries. Yay! And there are a lot of green ones, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll get Ted to drop me off out there Saturday morning and I’ll pick some more, since Dad’ll be in Seattle.

I also got about 1200 words written yesterday, and walked a mile. I meant to go biking, but by the time we were back from berry picking and had eaten, I’d lost my enthusiasm for biking. I did, though, get HoS ready to send out to Luna Books.

ytd wordcount: 155,250
miles to Rivendell: 143