V for Victory!

Ladies and gentlemen, the REDEEMER campaign has just crossed the €8K threshold, which means the Redeemer Chronicles are a go and I am under contract–*to you*!

Oh my gawd. Holy crap. Holy BEANS. This is–I mean, NO DOMINION was very exciting, of course, but this is a whole different ball game! This is a NEW STORY I get to tell RIGHT FROM SCRATCH, and it’s a thing that’s happening because we now live in a world where readers can directly make books happen.

That is so amazing. YOU GUYS are SO AMAZING. Thank you. Thank you SO MUCH for giving me this chance to write a story for you. I will do my utmost to make it a story you’ll love.

We have one week to go in the Kickstarter. I think my dream of 300 backers is solidly within the bounds of reality. (Actually, at this *particular* moment, all filled with excitement, I confess to dreams of 250 €10 backers to go with my dreams of 50 50€ backers & 10 100€ backers. Look, it’s a good moment I’m having here, I can dream! :))

Wow. If anybody needs me for the next while, I’ll be the one whirling around, starry-eyed and beaming! <3