very chipper me!

Wow, I’m in a really good mood this morning.

There must be a fire going on around here somewhere; the last two days, the light’s been orange. It doesn’t smell like smoke, but it’s hazy and, well, orange. It was actually kind of nice for biking last night, because it was really warm but the amount of direct sunlight was cut down, so there wasn’t so much squinting and stuff.

So I did a 15 mile ride last night, and boy, if I think I’m going to bike 62 miles in ten days, I’ve got to bike every day for the next 10 days and I’ve got to do the Kincaid hill, because I had to stop last night while I was doing it! I haven’t done it in a couple of weeks, maybe more (lazy me!) but it was SOOOOOO nice out last night that when I went biking I thought I’d go all the way up to Kincaid, and then wussy me had to stop on the hill. Hnf. I’ll try it again tonight. :)

Aberdeen is all caught up on Buffy. She said, “…! ! …!” and waved her hands around. :)

*I* am *not* all caught up on writing. Got 619 words written yesterday, which is, well, more than 50% of what I was supposed to do, but Deen wants to go out to dinner tonight, so odds of getting more written today are fairly low, especially as I have Actual Work To Do. I may have to get up v. early tomorrow and get some writing done.

Starving. Meow. Meow. Meow.

ytd wordcount: 136,350
miles to Mordor:
  Catie: 229.8
  Laura: 34
  Dave: 241.9
miles to Rivendell:
  Laura: 126
  Ben: 109
  Heather: 74
  Jai: 79.1
  Shoka: 88.1