very slow progress

I’m making such slow progress with organizing/packing/whatever that I feel like I’m not doing anything at all. Still. Again. Whatever.

And again, it’s not true. Saturday a friend came over and watched Young Indiana for a few minutes while Ted and I ran out to get boxes-for-books from our local bookstore, who had very kindly set some aside for us. There is now a giant pile of (flat) boxes in the dining room, where they are depressing me by Taking Up Space. It’s only going to get worse when I start making them into boxes and putting books into them, because then I’ll have Full Boxes Taking Up Space AND Empty Bookshelves Taking Up Space, but there’s nothing to be done about that right now.

As payment for babysitting, our friend was given cinnamon rolls straight from the oven, another box of clothes for her 3 year old, and got to go around the house laughing out loud at my To Do lists. (This is the person who asked if I’d considered project management. :))

Baby clothes have been boxed up to send to a cousin who is having a baby soon; that will go into the mail today or tomorrow. There’s a laundry basket of dirty clothes and a basket of “please try to figure out what to do with these” clothes in the living room. There are also random empty boxes that now-Goodwilled-clothes have been extracted from, and they (the empty boxes) are upsetting me because they Take Up Space, but they’re in good condition so should probably have other stuff packed into them instead of being tossed. Still, I feel very crowded and claustrophobic right now. :p

Nearly all of the DVDs have been put into their lovely new binders now, which is a massive savings in space. It’s beautiful. It’ll be even more beautiful when Ms Neurotically Alphabetizes Things, ie, Yours Truly, gets a chance to alphabetize them, but right now they’re at least in attractive casings that take up less than a third of the space they used to. That’s something.

It sure doesn’t feel like very much, though. #sigh

In non-house-work, I’ve gotten a very small amount of work done on the Greywalker Papers short story with Kat Richardson, and am working my way through BEWITCHING BENEDICT, my Regency romance novel, trying to prep it to send to my editor. It’s a completely charming book. I guess I get that it’s not Romance Industry Style, but it’s so cute it just seems ridiculous that the rigid style Must Be Adhered To. Oh well. I’d hoped to have it out in July, but ahahaha moving so maybe August. And I have to get REDEEMER written, aigh.

Honestly, I feel like a mouse on a wheel. Running like hell to no obvious effect. I keep thinking I’ll gain traction and be okay, but no, just around again.

Off I go on another spin.

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