very tired.

I’m very tired.

We went to the Young Dubliners last night at the Bear Tooth Theatre, and it was an *outstanding* show, but it didn’t start until 11:30 and didn’t get over til 1am. I spent 90 minutes jumping up and down and dancing, which was very fun (and best of all, my back is perfectly fine today! I think I’m healed!) and made me wish I knew people to go dancing with up here (2 nights a week of 3 hours of dancing each would go a long way towards melting off some of this fat I’m carrying around), because I love it so much.

Then we got up this morning and went to brunch, which was being hosted by Ted’s company, and Ted won a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, so after we went shopping for 1. food and 2. good paper for printing manuscripts on, we went to B&N and spent most of the gift certificate. Came home, and I got chapters 24-28.5 edited on the Word file, and then I ran into the part that actually needs to be rewritten, so instead of doing that I went to the gym and had a fairly decent workout. Unfortunately, while we were gone, the dog found soem piece of carpet somewhere to chew up. :(

So I ate dinner and now I’m staring at the rest of this manuscript, and at the time. Punch Drunk Love is playing at 7:40 at the Bear Tooth, and — oh. I see it’s playing the rest of the week, too. I don’t actually *have* to go tonight if I want to see it on the big screen. OTOH, I really don’t feel much like writing, and the only thing I really kind of /do/ feel like doing is making Christmas goodies, but nobody in the house is eating them except me and I don’t know that I’ve actually got it together enough to send boxes of stuff out to people this year, and I don’t want to be the only person eating all the sweets I’m making. I mean, what’s the point? :P