a Walker Papers 2016 election prediction

Shaman Rises cover

I *do* have a throw-away comment about the 2016 election in one of my #WalkerPapers short stories. I thought I did.

The protagonist is Ashley, the little girl from #ThunderbirdFalls, 20 years later:

“I had a grenade launcher.
I wasn’t supposed to, of course. Nobody was, especially since the country-wide crackdown after the election riots when I was seventeen.”

The story was written in 2012 and was a deliberate (given the Walker Papers timeline) reference to the 2016 elections, and I kept the line even though it made my editor say it seemed like the future of Jo’s world had gotten very dark.

Yeah, well. Jo’s world got the magic back, and we got the Minority Vote President, so I’m not sure hers is as dark as ours.

Anyway, here, have a read: Twenty Years After: A Walker Papers short story. ♥

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