weekend report

Yesterday morning I got out of bed and discovered I had screwed up my back somehow while sleeping. The weekend has not been *especially* fun, as a result.

Despite this, I took Young Indiana to a movie this morning. He only lasted through 30 minutes of the film (Planes: too boring for a 3 year old) and we went to lunch and did some shopping afterward. He was incredibly, incredibly good and helpful and sweet, but I ended up carrying too much, and with my back hurting it just…yeah. God. I came home and nearly collapsed of weeping exhaustion, although at some point I turned to put something away and my back popped in a shocking manner and the pain lessened.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon in my rocking chair, which has the best back support, reading Cassandra Clare’s CITY OF LOST SOULS. I guess she’s done something right with those books, as I’ve read all of them within the past month.

We finished s1 Jericho, which left us gasping in shock. We thought we had one more episode, so it was doubly shocking to get to the end and have Netflix tell us s2 would start in 20 seconds. But we instead watched Thor as a unicorn chaser, because dear grod.

I had totally forgotten Jeremy Renner was actually Hawkeye in that film. I remembered Hawkeye was in it; I did not remember ever seeing his face. But lo! Lookit that! There he was! Cool. :)

Yesterday’s Great Photo Archive Project involved emptying a box of photos & 20-year-old correspondence, by way of putting off decisions about the correspondence by shoving it into another box with other things of that nature, and by sorting and ditching many photographs, and putting the rest into albums.

Odds that I need to keep roughly 27 photos of actor Stan Kirsch: 0%.

Odds that Sarah and Christie will murderize me if I scan & post some of these photos of *them*: 100%.

Odds that I’m going to anyway: 100% :)

Tonight’s Great Photo Archive Project yielded about 200 photos of my sister’s wedding, a dozen or so worthy glacier/Alaska pictures, an equal number of pictures of visiting friends, and one utterly bewildering roll full of people I’ve never seen. My working theory is that it might be a drama trip that Dad brought students on…?

I haven’t yet gotten these ones into albums, but once I do, I’ll be down to one large box of photographs. I suspect it’s the one that’s actually *crammed full* of photos, and all things considered, it’s probably for the best that I inadvertantly came at it smallest-to-largest, because this way I’ve gotten at least 1000-1200 photos put into albums. (Albumed, I said, just to make Mom twitch. :))

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