weekend report, again

Apparently a weekend report is becoming a thing around here.

Friday night I went to see City of Bones with fifteen or so close personal friends of Sarah Rees Brennan’s. I actually quite liked it, although as with Beautiful Creatures they rewrote the ending so completely that I don’t quite know how they intend to go forward, assuming they get to. But Lily Collins was good despite some laugh-out-loud clunky dialogue, and I liked the casting for almost everyone. There were several times in the film I thought “God, if they want to do another Labyrinth they need to do it now before she ages out,” because wow, really channeling Jennifer Connolly. This from the same girl who totally channeled Audrey Hepburn in Mirror Mirror. (Someone also needs to do a Hepburn biopic while Collins can rock that look.)

Saturday morning I paid for having dared go out and be an adult and not get to bed until 1am by the cold-ridden 3-year-old waking up irrevocably at 5:20am. I don’t really remember much of Saturday. I napped. I made dinner. I finished reading CITY OF GLASS, having had huge parts of it spoiled for me during post-movie drinks.

Today I went to the cinema again, but this time to work, and wrote 6000 new words on SHAMAN RISES, getting it back to the point where I think I can probably work several significant chunks of the original text back in. I cut about 13K, it appears; I’ve re-added 10, and have the thick side of another 10K I can put back in, so there’ll be more of it when I’m done than there was when I began. It now goes:

(page break)

which is a lot better than it was on Thursday. But I really kind of need it done by tomorrow evening.

I have also got to write two series synopses by like tomorrow, which is unfortunately really not reality based. I should probably just send what I’ve got, and hope I can write at least one of them by Thursday…

In completely unrelated news, my Fitbit informed me that of last Thursday I’ve achieved the 2000 miles badge with it, which means I’ve walked 2000 miles since the end of last August when I started wearing it.

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