weekend report

So I did *most* of the things I intended to this weekend. I didn’t get any exercise, but I read some and I wrote some (the next chapter of US is done; I need to post it. I also think I may need to change the time of year that the story is happening in . . . I’ve been thinking about going back and reworking it from the top), and I . . . um. Well. Got a puppy. That wasn’t actually part of the weekend plan, but it happened anyway!

Saturday Ted made French Toast for breakfast (not waffles with strawberries, as Marith suggested I have on my Weekend Off, but a damned fine substitute!), and then we went out and stayed out ALL DAY. We went to the bank and drove by the gym (which was closed on Easter; that’s what we drove by to find out) and drove um. Oh, yes. We drove around until we found a music shop at which I purchased a digital guitar tuner, and on the way there we nearly got in a car wreck!

We were driving down Arctic and some idiot tried to execute a left-hand turn in front of us. This is precisely how we wrecked our new car 4 years and 9 months ago (only in that case we were the idiots executing a left-hand turn into traffic. Except traffic, in our case, was completely stopped; the reason we got in a wreck is a REAL idiot was speeding down the turn lane and smashed into us, totalling the little red Neon we’d bought from my Dad *sigh*). So this idiot pulled out of the driveway and Ted and I both thought, “Oh, SHIT, not AGAIN!” and Ted did some very good defensive driving and kind of jackknifed the car into the other lane (where, fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic; he’d checked for it) and back again, and all the rest of what we could do was wait to see if the moron in the other car hit the brakes in time. Which (s)he did, and so there was no wreck. We drove a few yards down the road and pulled into a parking lot and had hysterics. Jesus Christ.

After we got done with the hysterics and got a digital tuner, we went out to the Dimond Center to get a cookie (actually, we had lunch first, after due consideration), and then we sort of spent the rest of the day looking for puppies. Which reminds me; I should call the lady we got our puppy through and tell her that we got a puppy. And I should check on the brownies. More in a few minutes.