Well. Here it is, two of the afternoon, and it has been a very busy day at the Murphy-Lee-Sandness househould. Ted’s been cooking since about 8:30 this morning; rolls and stuffing and casseroles and turkey and probably some other things I can’t think of right now. Shaun and I have been cleaning house, assisted by Ted when he wasn’t cooking. The living room has been rearranged. The laundry has been done. Soon, we go to the store to pick up some red juice and more milk and some flowers, and shortly after that we will be hosting more family than expected for dinner. *beam*

Most splendidly, I fit into newly-dried jeans much better than I did a week ago, and the scale is wavering around 192.5 pounds when I stand on it. I probably won’t be seeing 190 by the end of November (especially with today being Turkey Day, and with Saturday being Turkey Day Mark II when we go out to my cousin’s new house to celebrate a belated Thanksgiving there), but if I can manage not to *gain*, I’ll be very happy.

In fact, I’m very happy right now. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!