Well! I woke up this morning to discover my website had been hacked. So, for that matter, had Uncatchable and On Your Left, all of which use GreyMatter as their blog system. Rogue To Ruin and House of Cards hadn’t been hacked, but they’re not blogs. Instead of my homepage, there was this graphic, signed Mr. X. (I’m reasonably certain the guy at hoppers13 is not the one who did the hacking. The Mr. X graphic is just kinda cool. And, well, it is!)

So it turns out there’s a security hole in GreyMatter, which the author claims is not a security hole because it’ll never happen if you use GM properly. The fix for it, though, requires going into an area that I have no recollection at all of ever /using/ before, not even to look at, and so to my perception it’s set up with a bug in it by default and requires active user intervention to turn it off. It is, of course, vaguely possible that I did in fact go in to that area and inspect it and back out of it without hitting the ‘clear’ button, but I don’t *remember* doing it.

Anyway, the whole thing is very startling to me. I’ve been hacked, for heaven’s sake. How absurd. o.o I’m not upset about it or anything, and I don’t think that GM has suddenly become Evil Incarnate; in fact, I still quite like it. But O.O!