well, not glorious

Well, not glorious, but quite a lot better than a kick in the teeth. I got 300 words or so written on TQB, putting my daily total at 2100. I want to finish this chapter, dammit. It’s 4100 words long and while the end is in sight, it’s still a goodly distance off. And a great deal of drek needs to be replaced with good bits, yet. I’m going to stagger around for a while if I end up with a 7K chapter. Never done /that/ before.

The peach jam is beeeooooooooooteeful. And now I’m done making jam! Well, until next week, when I start making non-sugar jam. Tomorrow, for a change of pace, I’ll make fudge. Lots. Of. Fudge. And maybe some toffee or some cookies. Ideally I’ll put all these goodies in the mail for people on Sunday. :)

ytd wordcount: 229,000