At about 5:15 this morning I woke up (my alarm’s set for 5:30) and thought, “nnngh. Maybe I don’t wanna get up, even if I’m awake. Nngh. ‘course, I gotta pee. Maybe I can ignore it. (three minutes pass) Nope. Can’t ignore it. Might as well get up.” So up I got. The decent thing about getting up that early is that I don’t feel in the slightest bit bad for sitting there in the shower until I decide I feel functional enough to get out and face the day. So I sat in the shower for quite a while and eventually staggered out and got to writing at about 6:20. I was aiming for 1000 words on TB.

At 7:30, I had 1800. SO HAPPY! Sarah said some magic words last week when I wailed about how broken it was, and now with the rewrites I’m getting onto much more solid footing thanks to her insights. And! And, best of all, I think I can salvage most of chapter 9! It’ll need some rewriting, but I think I can use probably 80% of it! Yay!

Y’know, over on his blog, Neil Gaiman has been talking about posting less because he’s working on a novel (actually, you should go read his post for today, which is very funny *laugh*), and while I’m not noticing myself writing less, I’m certainly noticing that I’m not writing about anything /but/, well, writing.

Well. And jam-making. :)

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