who am i, & what have i done with catie?

Last night I went to see a local production of “The Odd Couple” (which was good enough that there really wasn’t much to tear apart; the only real problem was in the first scene after about ten lines Vinnie completely lost his New Yawk accent for three or four lines, and never *quite* nailed it again), and then went out for a drink with Ted and his coworker Brian, who brought us around to a pub that’s usually got trad on Friday nights, and it did, so we hung out and talked and listened for a while. That was nice. But who am I, and what’ve I done with me?!

I got 5 single spaced pages of PRETENDER’S CROWN synopsis done yesterday, and I think I’m about halfway through the book. @.@ On the positive side, story elements seem to be coming together well while I’m doing this, so maybe when I get to it I’ll have such a solid outline I’ll just blow right through the book with no hang-ups! She said hopefully. O.O :)

Thinks to do this weekend:
finish TPC proposal
TQB map
– Chance #4 page 1 (really)
– Chance #5 (maybe)
add a scene to TQB and send it to Betsy (v. important)
put new office shelves together

Oh, wait, there was one other problem with “The Odd Couple”, which was that Felix and Oscar had played everything so bombastically that when it finally arrived at the climactic moment (“I’m gonna tell you off!”) they rolled back their in-your-faceness and the scene felt surprisingly weak because of it. It was too bad, because I’d been looking forward to a really explosive confrontation, and got something that felt wishy-washy instead. However, aside from those couple minor things, it really was an excellent performance. :)

sent me a framed print of ‘s “Beauty and the Beast” (which I’m too lazy to go find at Metal & Magic), so that has gone up on my Wall Of Art People Have Given Me. It’s looking very cool. *beams*

miles to Minas Tirith: 235