It has been a very busy couple of days here. @.@

First off, *thank* you to everybody who offered congratulations on the Chance deal. I’m pretty much over the moon and full of squee and also OH MY GOD HAVE I GOT A LOT TO DO AAAAGH.

One of the priorities on that menu is “find a new artist”. I’ve posted the following ad in a handful of places; if you know sequential artists, please do send them my way, at least to take a look at the ad:

WORK FOR HIRE: Bestselling fantasy author is looking for an artist for an on-going series green-lit for publication by the Dabel Brothers. Applicants should be professional-calibre & serious about a potential long-term gig. Storyline summary: think Ghost meets Batman; female lead. Style: American superhero (Jim Lee, Ian Campbell, Salvador Larroca, Adam Hughes). I’m not interested in manga style artwork; don’t bother applying. Please send 2-5 pages of sequential art or (preferably) a link to a web-based portfolio, page rates, & any a list of any previous published works to chance@cemurphy.net.

In very other news, the woman who owns our house dropped by yesterday to meet us. She’s entirely delightful and we spent twenty minutes or so chatting. To our relief, she loves animals and was charmed to meet the cats, and upon hearing we had a dog who died last year was of the opinion we ought to get another one immediately. So whew, we’re no longer so trepidatious about having pets, which technically we weren’t supposed to. :)

I also walked around Cork a lot yesterday and took pictures. Here’s one of them:

(click through to see it at its proper size)

It was quite wonderful. I notice that when I take myself out on walks, I tend to find myself thinking, “I love my life.” It doesn’t matter how stressed I am about anything else; I almost always think, at least once, “I love my life.” This is a pretty good reason to go for a walk every day, I should think.

However, I got up sort of late and walked before I wrote, and then walked enough that I was flat-out exhausted, and never did write yesterday. Blah. So: new rule, or old rule revisited. There will be no intarwebs before at least 1000 words are written. Goes into effect tomorrow and I will do my damnedest to keep it in effect.

Oh, I posted a teaser for HOUSE OF CARDS.

I have got So. Flipping. Many. Things. to do. Guess I better make a list.

miles to Minas Tirith: 385
ytd wordcount: 6000