MAGIC & MANNERS is off to the editor. I’ve lined up a copy editor, the cover artist is working on the cover art (as she can; poor woman broke her arm!), and I’ve got a couple people I need to talk to about book layout. I also need…to think about what I’m doing with ISBNs, and I need to grit my teeth and delve into the Ingrams system, as I don’t see myself suddenly being flush enough with cash to hire someone to deal with that for me, much as I’d like to.

I see that my prediction three weeks ago was that the next month is going to be full. of. revisions. MAGIC & MANNERS, a straight-up Regency, an Old Races short story, and my nephew’s book all need revision. Between revising I’m going to be writing the detailed synopsis for the second Regency and for REDEEMER, which I had hoped would be my March writing project but which is realistically going to be the April-May project.

Well, I’ve done the REDEEMER synopsis and I’m really happy with it. I’ve decided I’m not dealing with the straight-up Regencies right now, neither revising the first nor synopsising the second, because there’s essentially no profit in it at this red-hot moment. If I’m smart–if I remember–I’ll revise that Old Races story tonight and send it off to its commissioner.

I *do* intend to revise my nephew’s book, because it’s over a year late now and I haaaaaaate that, but if I’m really lucky it’ll only take 10 or 12 days and I may actually be able to start on…oh, no, I won’t. Not really.

I was gonna say, maybe I can start on REDEEMER before EasterCon, but no. There’s 2 days off from school next week and 2 weeks off at Easter, so realistically it’s not gonna get started before the 13th. Not unless my nephew’s book actually only takes a handful of days to revise, instead of the more likely couple weeks.

Well, that’s fine. Man plans, God laughs, all that. If the revision takes a couple weeks maybe I’ll go ahead and write the second Regency synopsis after all. :)

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