*Who’s* your daddy!

*Who’s* your daddy!

I just got back from the pool, where I swam not two, not three, but FOUR THOUSAND YARDS. I kick ass, man. I take names. I *rule*. I did 3 500s, the first two in 8:57 and the third in 9:12. Go *me*! I did lots of other good stuff too, but that’s the part I can remember. i ROCK.

And I came home to an empty house, which I expected (Ted’s at martial arts, Shaun’s at school), but also to dinner cooked and refrigerated for me, because I have the BEST husband in the WORLD.


Now I will take all this zippy exercise energy and I will go write the additional 600 words I must write to make my quota for today so I will make my 50K in 30 days goal!

Who’s your daddy!