whssht. day 3.

Today was a less useful day at the writing conference, but I still enjoyed myself, overall. I’m tired. Um. Oh, Mary Anne, I didn’t get anything signed for you because Laurie King wasn’t there today. :P

Jeez. That’s about it, for today. I’m tired. :)

Oh, no, there’s one other thing. :) Ted bought me the Hellboy soundtrack. *beam* Somebody loves me!

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  1. mary anne

    That’s okay….I’m just glad to hear she’s likable in person…I am often loathe to meet people whose work I admire. I fear that if I meet them and they turn out to be a&&h***s, I won’t be able to enjoy their work any longer. Although, so far I’ve been pleased:
    Tad Williams was very charming and articulate
    Madeleine Albright was very gracious
    ummmm….I guess that’s about it, really, but… :)

    Glad you had a good time!

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