I reached the 33% point of WORLDBREAKER yesterday, which puts the 50% mark within reach this week, as long as I get at least 3300 words a day in. Today, thanks to a proper early start (10:20am, which in turn is thanks to going to the gym before 8, so I’m up and functional and ready to /go/ by 10am), I got in 3800 words. I am very, very pleased. Wiktory! (now I just have to do that four more times this week. :))

Meantime, , who really does, I swear, make my writing speed look like that of an absolute piker, is about 10K behind me on a book of the same length, and posting her wordcount, which will help keep the competitive spirit alive in me as much as the word wars do.

Speaking of word wars, since it’s a new year, let me plug them again! Most days, myself and several other writers can be found participating in a chat-room-based ‘war’ (located here). The purpose of the war room is the competitive spirit: we log in, write for half an hour, come back to report our wordcount, take a short break, and do it again. The ‘winner’ gets everyone’s admiration for a couple minutes, but the purpose isn’t so much winning as getting words on the page. Nor is the purpose of the room to chat. It’s much more an anti-chat room: we’re supposed to be working, and most of the time, we do. So people looking for writing incentive can join us. The war room website is at toonowrimo.livejournal.com, and usually somebody posts to say “I’m in” once we, y’know. Are in. :)

Let’s see. Oh! I just got confirmation that TRUTHSEEKER and WORLDBREAKER will be released in trade paperback, not mass market, and that TRUTHSEEKER’s release date is August 31, 2010.

And…*stares at a wall* There was something else. Something book-related. Uhm. Argh. Um. It wasn’t that “From Russia, With Love” is eligible for a Hugo this year, although it is, if anyone would like to nominate and vote for it. Um.

It…oh. It was that I have to do at least an hour’s worth of work on copyedits tonight. Gosh. No wonder I didn’t want to remember that. :)

We were in fact good humans and got up and went to the gym this morning. There were no Resolutions there, a fact which surprised me until Ted pointed out the weather is bitter (certainly by the Irish definition of bitter; mostly I’ve been finding it brisk, rather than bitter :)) and the roads very bad (which is absolutely true). Furthermore, the weather and roads are expected to be like this for at *least* another week, possibly two…which makes me think that there may be no Resolutions at the gym this year. Most people crap out within the first two or three weeks anyway, and having the country frozen over during those first two or three weeks may put the kibosh on all the good intentions. I guess we’ll see, and in the meantime I’ll be grateful for not having to share my lane. :)

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 22
ytd km swum: 1
ytd wordcount: 7,100

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