working towards ideals

Once more, I didn’t wake up weighing 145 pounds, but I *did* get up at 6:07 and stagger my way to the gym. I didn’t do anything intense, but instead did a relatively low-key whole-body workout, based in the logic that I’m really in phenomenally bad shape and that I’m not at all eager to injure myself again, so I thought I would give myself three or four weeks of lower-key general strengthening exercises, especially for the back area.

Which brings me to the incredibly irritating fact that this gym does not have a row machine. Wretched, wretched, stupid bastards.

anyway, the workout:

  • 125 crunches
  • 25 horrible lying-on-your-back leg lifts
  • mule kicks, 3 sets of 12
  • leg lifts, 3 sets of 12
  • lunges, but I forget how many
  • butterfly press, 3x12x40#
  • bench press, 3x12x30#
  • lat pull-downs, 3x12x40#
  • shoulder press, 3x12x20#
  • bicep curls, 3x12x20#
  • leg extensions, 2x12x30#
  • tricep extensions, 2x12x30#

I also biked 13.5 miles last night, and I think I forgot to mention that I’d biked 16 miles on Sunday.

On that list of Thinks To Do from whenever, I’ve finally written Tony’s letter and the CS leavebehind. I have to check to see what else was on that list. :)