Wow. I’ve gotten a lot done today. Everything on my list except for biking, which I’ll do after dinner.

We did our Sunday shopping today, because, er, well, we were out of a lot of things. Ted got his glasses adjusted and picked up his contacts, I got a pair of shorts, we looked at fencing stuff — we think we’re going to build a 3″ cedar picket fence, rather than the 6″ privacy fences all our neighbors have, because 1. we’re not that private, 2. it’s cheaper, and 3. Chanti isn’t a jumpy dog, so we think the /need/ for a 6″ fence is lower — I vacuumed, I did laundry, I worked on Angles — 60 pages edited, although the parts that actually need *rewriting* I haven’t done yet because I’m STILL thinking about it — I cleaned the back yard, I clipped lilacs (yum they smell good!), I … busy day.

We went by the comic shop and I went over to get a yoga schedule from the yoga school. I want to take one yoga class a week during July. That’ll be my step-up in exercise for the month. That’s the plan.

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