Wow, that’s a whole lot better. I got a chiro appointment for 11 and holy *cow* did my back pop. It sounded like a pack of cards being shuffled. *rtrtrtrtrtrtrtrt*!

*And*, to my surprise, the chiro didn’t tell me I couldn’t run. He said stretch! Stretch stretch stretch! But he didn’t say don’t run. :) So that’s good! I, uh, will stretch real good from now on. O.O However, I think I’ll wait til Saturday to start the regime again. Maybe I’ll do 15 minute walks for the rest of the week, or something, but I’d like to give my back a little time to calm down. Yeah.

But yay! I feel better, I can still do the running card, and I can go BIKING tonight. Yay! Woot woot!