wow. tired brain.

Wow. Tired brain. 4000 *new* words today, plus fiddling and twiddling on many of the others. Got four chapters done. I was aiming for five, but the fifth is going to be another that requires quite a lot of rewriting, I think, and I just don’t have the brain to try to handle it right now. I’m pretty sure they’re going to continue to need more and more rewriting as I get further into the book and its shape becomes different, so I’m reveling in these high-chapter-rewrite days while I can. And this really is just the first pass; I’m aware of things I need to be adding in and fleshing out, but right now the bones need changing.

Rrreeeaaallly enjoying rewriting some of these relationship dynamics. I think they’ll make for a much stronger story with a lot more conflict this way, and that’s a lot of fun.

Walked down to Temple Bar, Grafton Street and Henry Street *without getting lost* today, which was an enormous improvement over yesterday. Next I have to learn how to get to the Heuston train station. But that probably won’t happen tomorrow, since I think Mom & Dad are going out to Blackrock to sit on the babies.

Oh! Right. So the reason I risked Henry Street again today (that’s where I got lost yesterday) was so I could stop by the Jervis shopping centre where there’s a Ticketmaster booth, and buy tickets for the Bon Jovi concert next spring. I don’t expect they’re particularly great tickets, but they were the best available, and I intend to have an *extremely* good time at the concert. Ted said he had to go with me because there was no telling what I might do if left to go to a Bon Jovi concert on my own. I think he was afraid I might not come back.

Which is absurd. I’d come back. I just might also leave again to follow them around England for a week! :)

(I’m a bit tempted to lurk over the ticketmaster site and keep an eye out for when tickets go on sale for one of the English concerts, and snatch up excellent tickets for those, and fly over for a show, if Ted wants to do that.

…or possibly even if he doesn’t. But he should tell me one way or another. :))

Writing makes me happy. :)

Oh! I keep forgetting to mention my big excitement with Seirid the other day. We *communicated*! He’s just learning to walk (he’s not quite 11 months), and we were encouraging him to walk from one place to another. He was about five feet away from me, and I said, “C’mere, Seirid,” and held out my hands.

And he shook his head *no* quite vigorously.

I was very excited! We *communicated*! :) :) :)

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