wretched wife :(

I am a completely wretched wife and forgot to call my husband this evening. I missed a call from him, too, ’cause the noise in the pub was too much for my cell phone. By the time I remembered, it was after 11 and too late to call somebody who’s been getting up at 6 to go to work. And the horrible dog has been acting out because she’s in a new house and she’s being left alone all day, which she’s totally unaccustomed to, so poor Ted, whether he’s had a good day or a bad day at work, is having *very* bad days when he comes home from work. :( I feel like a very bad wife just now. :(

Jenn and I had a really nice day, but I’m going to write about it in the morning, because I have to get up at 7 to 1. call Jenn to make sure she’s up and getting ready to get on the plane and 2. call Ted and apologize for being a horrible wife. G’night.

miles to Mount Doom: 421

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