writer’s weekend!

July 26, 2003

Oh my goodness. It’s way too early out. And it’s been to early for day sand days and days.

Orlando Bloom dipped in chocolate. That’s what was just said. It’s … well. 7:10 my time. 8:10 their time. And we’ve already got Orlando Bloom dipped in chocolate. Go Writer’s Weekend. :)

Okay, so. Thursday.

Thursday I got up at 5 bloody A.M. and got to the airport, where they charged me $100 instead of $50 to upgrade my ticket to first class. Wel, whatever. I went and asked at the ticket counter why that was, and they said it was because the flight was more than 1250 miles. Bah. Anyway, I paid it because I wanted a bloody first class seat.

Then they cancelled the flight. Siiiiigh. I called Mom and she got me and I went home and had some french toast for breakfast and then went back to the airport and hung out — which is to say, read — for … hours and hours. I read five books on Thursday (yay!) (Brokedown Palace and Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grill by Brust, The Wind Singer by somebody, New Orleans Beat by Julie Smith and… The Glasswrights’ Test by Mindy Klasky. Let’s hear it for airplanes: it’s the only thing I really like about travel, is the getting to read a lot), and I–

(Sunday afternoon interlude:

It’s now 3:10pm on Sunday afternoon. The above was written in The Big Tent at Karen’s, yesterday morning; today, I’m listening to Steve Brust play poker with some Clarion students up at the Big Tent while I’ve snuck down to the Lower Tent for some quality time with my keyboard. It’s really fricking hot out. And now I return you to your regular Thursday afternoon update.)

–and I have no idea what I was going to say about reading on airplanes, but that’s okay. I got a lot read, and that’s that.

Got to Seattle at 4–

(Sunday afternoon interlude:

Shoulder massage from Cyn. I love Cyn.)

30 instead of 12:10, and sat around reading for an hour while I waited for 1. the limo and 2. the people who were supposed to ride in the limo. I fi–

(This is as much as I got written over the actual weekend. More details will be added behind cut tags as the day progresses. :) )