Well, fnrt. I got email from Karen (the lady who’s running Writer’s Weekend) last night saying that one of my entries for the WW writing contest hadn’t arrived until yesterday. Since I sent it on about the 20th of June, and sent it priority, and the bloody contest closed July 1st, that’s a little annoying. That was the entry that had Angles and Urban Shaman in it. Feh. Oh well. She says she’ll see if she can get the editors to read them even if it’s much too late for the contest, at least, but, well, we’ll see.

In other news, I sent out 6 HEART OF STONE S&3s/queries to paranormal romance publishers yesterday, then sat around with Ted and Shaun and hashed out what I think will develop into a pretty decent plot for my X3 screenplay. I’m going to write a beatsheet today. :)