writing blitz ahoy

thinks to do today:

buy the new bon jovi album
buy the new bowie album
buy the latest marvel ultimate graphic novel collection book
write 10,000 words (9200 is close enough)

it is possible that one of those things is not like the others.

putting my head down for the next several days–through the 17th, if worst comes to worst–to get as many words down on SHAMAN RISES as is humanly possible.

to help myself along, yesterday i bought a new laptop. tablet. tabtop? laplet? yesterday involved too much frustration with the silver sharpie written in large swoops over the old netbook’s screen, and i thought: i do not want to spend the next seven days staring past that and trying to see my work. also it has 18 hours worth of battery, between the tablet and the keyboard, so i will not have to worry about finding a plug-in so my 5 hour netbook battery won’t die. that’ll be grand altogether.

i have even gone so far as to put music on it. this is not like me, because i do not typically listen to music while i write, but yesterday they had very loud talk radio on at the movie theatre where i usually go to work (there’s a cafe area) and i could. not. concentrate. so having music might help on occasion, and it won’t hurt to have it even if i don’t use it.

“happy mother’s day!” ted said when he discovered i’d bought myself a new computer. :) (mother’s day here is this coming sunday. :))

at any rate, ted’s got the week off, so we’re switching work schedules. i’ll be leaving the house to write All Day Long, and he gets to stay home with young indiana. should be good for all of us. :)

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