Whew. In a fit of something, I sat down and wrote letters to all my Childreach kids today, which is something I should’ve done a VERY LONG TIME ago, but on this one I’ll grant myself better-late-than-never dispensation and move on. Furthermore, Marith, who is extra nifty, decided to sponsor a kid, too, so all around it’s been a fine afternoon!

I think my other to-do items for today are go for a walk, finish reading a book, and perhaps write a synopsis for the Skylar book, which I think I might get started on tomorrow. Oh, and watch Buffy, because it’s the Anya ep which we missed when it played last fall. Although I donno, might just tape that. And I should balance the checkbook and pay bills. Hrm. That’s a longer to-do list than I wanted it to be….