We’re going on holiday tomorrow. I’m declaring it an Internet Fast, at least to the best of my ability to do so when I still have actual access to the internet, so I’ve jumped the gun and have published YEAR OF MIRACLES on Amazon et all so I don’t have to do it while on vacation.

YEAR_OF_MIRACLES Revisit the world of the Old Races and discover the pieces that set the Negotiator Trilogy into play…

Four hundred years ago, master vampire Eliseo Daisani and dragonlord Janx both fell in love with Sarah Hopkins, an extraordinary beauty born in London’s slaughterfields. Caught in their ancient and complex bond, Sarah glimpses the world as it might be…

…and her choices will ravage a city. This is the story of London burning in 1666–the Year of Miracles.

at Amazon
at Barnes & Noble
at Smashwords

and at CE Murphy.Net (PDF only)

YEAR OF MIRACLE patrons: this is a GREAT TIME for you to go write a review and star it heavily! You’ve already read this story! Go make it look good! *big hopeful eyes* :)


thinks to do:
– pack
– finish short story ahahah
– get new jeans
– take out rubbish
– do something about the recycling
– laundry

– pcon website
– get a skip
– make an CSOR banner ad
– put away baby clothes

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