Year of Miracles commission & more

I’m running an ad for “Year of Miracles” over on Bitten by Books, so I thought I’d put it up here, too. What the heck. :) It links to a new page on with both the teasers, so if people want to boost the signal, that’s the perfect place to boost to. And there’s this shiny ad here you can use to boost it with! :)

On a totally different subject, I also posted a teaser chapter for TRUTHSEEKER, which is out on September 1!

Also, Young Indiana and myself survived the day quite nicely. I haven’t done Pilates, but I’ve done a lot of other stuff, and we did manage to go for a walk, so that’s good. :)

…oh dear. It appears the height of this ad makes it stretch postings out funny. Let me see what else I can blather on about.

Oh! If anybody in the Dublin area is looking for work, Ted’s new job place, Stream Global Services, is apparently hiring as fast as it can. They’re looking for English speakers and French speakers. And if you apply, use Ted’s name as a reference/reason you looked there, ’cause he’ll get a referral bonus after six months or something. :)

Think this post is long enough yet?

How about now?


Yeah, ok, even if it’s not I’m calling it good…