Another 2700 words written this morning, for a respectable 5K in the last 2 days. Too bad that’s all I’ve done in the last six weeks, or at least most of what I’ve done in the last six weeks. Oh well, it’s darker out now and it’s easier to focus on writing. Trying to get anything accomplished in the summertime up here is generally a total wash.

ytd wordcount: 163,450
miles to Rivendell: 182

I forgot to put up a goals chart for July, so parenthetical numbers indicate July and August combined:

Words written
anticipated: 267,300
actual: 163,450 (6600)

Miles biked
anticipated: 1250
actual: 605 (10)

Miles swum
anticipated: 64
actual: 22 (2)

Drawings drawn
anticipated: 64
actual: 13.5 (0)

Books read
anticipated: 64
actual: 51 (15)

Pounds lost
anticipated: 20
actual: 5 (0)