More slobbery Gambit pictures, and the story is actually turning out kind of interesting, so a win all around. Perhaps I’ll do some scanning in a few minutes here. Or maybe I’ll try to do some real work.

Annie is eating. Yay!

I stopped by Burger King and got the Rogue figurine! And bank statements (which I didn’t get at Burger King), so I can balance the damned checkbook. Only several days after I meant to…

ooooh. it appears that there is a free usb port on this computer, which means i can hook the printer up to this comp… no, the scanner … up to this compute, which will make scanning gambit stuff iasier, ‘cuz the other compute has a flaky screen. sorry for tyops; i’m stitting on teh floor typogn this.

right. back in a minute to see if the computer can detect the new hardware or if this was all for naught.

swam: 3500 yards