Zomg, I forgot how *easy* having hair this short was. I was in the shower and I was like *washwash* dude I’m done! Two minutes tops! I wanna go swimming! (All I need is money to pay for a pool worth swimming in…) Also, Ted, Hero of the Revolution, found my sassy glasses, which are FEROCIOUSLY cute with this haircut. And my Matrix sunglasses and this haircut = badass Kit.

I’m featured this week over at Harlequin’s paranormal romance blog, where I talk about HOUSE OF CARDS and … mostly about HOUSE OF CARDS. Go forth, if you feel so inspired, read, comment and make them think I’m a really big draw to the blog. :)

P-Con starts tomorrow! I am GoH! I think it will be fun! …I’ll be an utter *zombie* on Monday, mind you, but it’ll be fun. And Ted is on a panel about what it’s like being married to a full-time writer, which I’m quite looking forward to attending. :)

Iiiii…am closing in on 100K on this book. About…well, 2K more, technically, because I’ve got a 2000 word scene that fits in later that’s not part of the actual current build-up of words and pages. 4K in straight beginning-to-end terms. I think I’ll go write for a while longer today, and maybe I’ll get up early enough to do some work before catching the train to Dublin tomorrow. (*Maybe* I’ll actually do some work over the weekend, but mostly that thought inspired a “bahahahahah!” in me, so probably not. So it’d be nice to hit 100K by tomorrow afternoon, don’t you think?)

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