Picoreview: Dark Phoenix: not nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

Like X-Men before it, I left the theatre kinda going, “Well, that didn’t suck,” except with X-Men it was an expression of astonished joy and relief and with Dark Phoenix it only…didn’t suck. It was not a great X film. For my money, however, it was miles better than Last Stand, First Class, and Apocalypse, and probably better than both the first two Wolverine movies. That leaves it in the top 5 for me (unless you count Deadpool, which I’m not), which I’m fairly comfortable with.

It is not the fiery, blow-out finale one might hope for, but honestly it’s just a lot more solid than I expected. I happen to love Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, so if you don’t, your estimation of the film may be very different from mine, but to my genuine surprise…it didn’t suck. I wasn’t disappointed.

I mean. There are things I would have done differently. Some of them would have been contingent on, like, this not being the final Fox X-Men film. Others…would not be contingent on that. Some of them are things I’m really unhappy about. Some of them are the fact that it would have been better with a full three-part trilogy leading up to this so we could care more about the actors in these roles, but…IDK. I know “it wasn’t a travesty” isn’t the most glowing response I could give, but I expected one, and sometimes “it didn’t suck” is higher praise than it sounds like it could be. So…there’s me on the topic.

I’ve done bluelines for a 4 panel comic that could be the web comic I’ve been mumbling about for what, a decade now? I sort of think I should do about fifty more before I even try finishing the first one because otherwise I imagine odds are good I’ll only ever do one.

(6 hours later)
I could…probably do an ‘inks’ version of one of these in a day, if I don’t get any more complicated than I have here. Even rudimentary colors & shading would probably take at least another day. I don’t think I could do a page a day web comic like #QuestionableContent.

I do think working on this has been cutting into my “dicking around on twitter” time rather than writing time, so a couple pages a week might be do-able. OTOH I haven’t done any writing for the past week (unrelatedly to drawing, i’m pretty sure), so I might be wrong.

IDK. I reckon whatever I do do, I’ll post to my Patreon as I do it and then maybe to the wider world later, when I’ve got a backlog. If it gets that far.

It’s 10pm and I forgot to have dinner because I got busy mucking with Clip Studio Pro.

Last week I did a little sketch for a cosplay dress, a quantum realm dress, and it made me kinda wanna do more drawing, I guess, so I finally got out the stylus for my Surface Pro and doodled a body shape with the inbuilt art program, something or other, uh, Sketchbook, and then I was clever and put a new layer over it to do the cleaner lines & it like snapped lines smooth & shit & OTOH I’m like ‘well that seems like cheating’ & OTOH I’m look ‘uh cool!’

So then I downloaded Clip Studio Pro that and spent far longer yesterday afternoon mucking about with it than I should have, drawing a not particularly great pic of my old Elfquest character, Spidersilk.

This evening I decided I was going to spend a little time actually reading/watching tutorials on how to use this program. The tutorials I’ve found are all much too advanced, because hell if I know what any of these menus the dudes are all “you can get rid of this, I don’t ever use it”-ing about. I found like…4 small useful things, and the EXTREMELY FREAKY 3D POSEABLE FIGURES THAT YOU CAN MAKE DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND USE AS FIGURE REFERENCES and after mucking about with it, about 2 hours ago I said “clearly this is enough of this for tonight”

NARRATOR: It was not, in fact, enough of this for tonight.

the coloring is terribly rudimentary, but i’ve literally never really tried coloring something digitally before, so, y’know, it’s…well. it’s terrible, but that’s ok.

Picoreview: Avengers: Endgame: we went to an Infinity War/Endgame double feature, with Endgame starting at midnight and getting over at 3am.

I would have walked directly in and watched it a second time in a row, starting at 3am, if I’d had the option.

That’s all I’ll say.

It’s been a week of missed connections in the funniest of ways. :)

Last week I was going out to work, which my friend Sarah and I have been meeting up to do in this sort of inept way–neither of us has WhatsApp notifications turned on because they’re too distracting, but also neither of us ever thinks to text or call, so we attempt to communicate in what amounts to telephone tag except both of us have the phones with us all the time.

In this scenario, I am taking public transport and it is Pouring Rain.

Me: Hey I can get out to work

Sarah, 90 minutes later: oh great! I have to be at my new house waiting for the gas man from 1-5 if you want to come over and sit in the cold or I can meet you later!

Me, 15 minutes later: I can come!

Me, 40 minutes later, standing in the rain, banging on the door and getting no response, WhatsApps: hey i’m here

Me, 3 minutes later: *bang bang bang* / Hi hey I’m here?

Me: I’m here? Hello?

Me, 2 minutes later: HEY THIS IS A *PHONE* I COULD *CALL* *calls*

Sarah, sounding like I’ve woken her up: Hello?

Me, suddenly afraid my number is, like, no longer in her phone or something: It’s Catie? I’m at your house?

Sarah: *indistinct*

Me: Hello?

Phone call goes dead. A moment later, a message arrives:

Sarah: OH MY GOD NO MY PETAL I THOUGHT YOU MEANT *TOMORROW* I AM AT THE LIBRARY (hence the super quiet indistinct speech of earlier) I WILL COME TO YOU IMMEDIATELY




Sarah: CAFE?

Me, seeing a bus that will get me to the cafe: YES CAFE

Anyway, so she was meeting someone ELSE at her house the next day and just misread the text as saying I was also going to be able to go out and work the next day and thought “hooray we can all work together!” except…no. That wasn’t what was happening. *laughs* But we got some work done, and got to see each other, which was what counted!

And then LAST NIGHT–so okay we’ve got double-feature tickets to Infinity War/Endgame on the 24th, right? Infinity War is at half eight, midnight showing of Endgame because that’s how we roll. :) And a couple of friends are joining us, hooray! It’s gonna be great!

Except last night one of our party texted me at 8:07pm with “I’m here, laden with snacks, where are you?”

I was like “um. at home? this is catie?” because I was convinced she was meeting someone else for a movie last night, since the one we had a date for wasn’t for TWO FULL WEEKS, and just had texted me instead of her date for the night.

But no, she had the right number, just the wrong night. So I threw on my shoes and ran for the door and 31 minutes later arrived at the theatre so we could go see Captain Marvel together, because she hadn’t seen it yet and how terrible to be left bereft at the movies when you expected an all-nighter with friends!

It was great fun and very very funny and I’m very glad I went and anyway, hell of a week of missed connections. :) :) :)