More from the photo archives; a glorious winter day in 2003, where I lay in the snow and took pictures of rimfrosted trees, and of my puppy snoofling me.


I dream of a world in which I have a Look. A Vibe. A Fashion. A Thing of some goddamn kind, anyway. As I’m a fan of the whole multiverse concept, I believe that that world probably exists, but sadly, it’s not this world.

Once in a while, though, I have a day of Aesthetic. Today is 21st Century Gibson Girl, courtesy of twisting my hair up into a bun (which I haven’t done in forever) and my ankle-length, kickpleated-to-the-hip, poofed-shoulder, princess-seamed black velvet-collared coat.

People really give you a long look, when you’re wearing an ankle-length flowing coat.


I couldn’t get a good picture of the whole ensemble without going and finding a mirror, which I was too lazy to do, but nothing is perfect. And also I’m quite fond of those sunglasses, even though after two years of having them I’m still not really used to prescription sunglasses and think I’m wearing contacts and am thus confused when I take them off and can’t see clearly. :)


We have here proof positive that I redyed my stripe brown and left the temples grey for an Old School Rogue Effect, although honestly, I really miss my stripe. But I like the temples. :)

Honestly, I think my Ideal Aesthetic is sort of Retro Matrix. That could be thing, right?



I was–well, really–trying to bore myself to sleep the other night by seeing how many of the US presidents I could remember. Fewer than 20, reliably, as it turned out. The whole thing went like this:

Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, Carter…wait, uh. Spiro Agnew wasn’t ever actually president, who was it in there…well. nevermind, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, then, uh, Eisenhower probably, Truman, FDR for sure…H…Hoover? No, he was the FBI guy… WILSON DEFINITELY WE GOT WILSON YEAH uh…Teddy Roosevelt…

…GRANT AND LINCOLN FOR SURE but no who are we kidding the 19th century’s basically just a big blank maybe if I come at it from the other end: Washington Jefferson Adams the other Adams uh Hamilton? No, he was never President, thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda for that knowledge I really gotta listen to your musical, um Johnson maybe? The one who was a real son of a bitch? (Jackson, it turns out.)

Nope, nope, can’t think of anybody else, there was that guy after Lincoln who died really fast (Garfield, except it turned out I was actually thinking of William Henry Harrison, who died of pneumonia after 32 days in office and who preceded Lincoln by Some Time) and there was somebody right after Lincoln who wasn’t Kennedy, Kennedy was his secretary and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln, I wonder if any of that’s true, it could have been another Johnson maybe, it was some kind of really common name like that…

Anyway, I went to sleep. :)


Picoreview: The Losers: Good fun.

I kept seeing screenshots from The Losers on Tumblr, and commented on some funny bits and got into a discussion with one of my followers there and anyway it ended up with me having a copy of the movie and I finally got a chance to watch it last night.

It’s appallingly dude-heavy (there are, off the top of my head, only 3 speaking roles for females, one of whom is a little girl) but the dudes are very appealing: Idris Elba, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, and two with whom I was not previously familiar, Óscar Jaenada and Columbus Short (Jaenada is v. hot and Short is pleasantly attractive.), so, I mean, yeah, wow, talk about easy on the eyes.

Along with Zoe Saldana as the sole female part worth mentioning, they *do* get points for a main cast that sports four people of color and only two white guys, or an even split between POC and white guys if you include the two main bad guys.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to bring it to the wider attention of viewers, apparently, since it made less than no money. It’s a damn shame the film got made before Elba, Evans or Saldana became bigger names (JDM, much as I love him, is as big as he’s ever gonna get), because it’s actually pretty darn good and probably deserved a broader audience than it got. Chris Evans is very funny in it (and has the show-stealing scenes), and Idris Elba brings the ferocity in a very American accent.

Jason Patric was…deliberately awful as the bad guy. I mean, he went for it, full out evil billionaire, but what it mostly did was serve to highlight how utterly fantastic Holt McCallany was as his Lead Henchman. Which was okay, because McCallany really was wonderful. :)

A thing that I didn’t expect was that although it was violent, nearly all the violence took place between the frames, off screen, or in a deliberately (admirably, even) comic-book style which made it watchable from my perspective. I was relieved, actually, because I’d kind of thought it might be gonna be too bloody for me, but it wasn’t at all.

And there were actually plot twists I didn’t expect! Which was especially fun because I was live-commenting it at the Tumblr friend who brought it all to my attention, and I kept being like O NO THEY DIDN’T! I think she had as much fun as I did. :)

Anyway, yeah, an unexpectedly decent film. Will Watch Again!


Sadly, no, I have not been home lately to take these pictures; they’re from 2003, when several of us went out kayaking on Eklutna Lake, outside of Anchorage, on a ridiculously glorious day. I’m going through my digital photo archives, trying to clean them up and get rid of all the terrible pictures, which is […]